Walter Henry Booth

Illustrator of Children's Comics, and an Artist.

                                           COMIC STRIPS


Start date in brackets.

Private Ram Rod (1911)                                in                      Comic Life

Ram and Rod (1914)                                      in                      Sparks

Professor Potash (1915)                                 in                      Big Comic

Professor Potash (continued 1919)              in                      Lot O'Fun

Peggy and Peter in Toyland (1919)             in                      Sparks and the Big Comic

Jumbo (1920)                                                    in                      Little Sparks (New Series)

Rob The Rover (1920)                                    in                      Puck

The Adventure Seekers (1926)                     in                      Lot O'Fun

Jingles' Jolly Circus (1930)                            in                      Puck

Orphans of the Sea (1930)                             in                      Puck

Cruise of the Sea Hawk (1936)                     in                      Puck

Captain Moonlight (1936)                             in                      Puck

The Pirate's Secret (1939)                               in                      Happy days

The Flying Boy (1939)                                    in                       Jolly Comic

Red Riders of Indian Gulch (1940)             in                       Puck

Speeding Through Space (1947)                 in                       Atomic Age Comic

The Death Daring Duvals (1947)                in                        Atomic Age Comic

Atomic Tommy and the Bullet-Proof Crime (1947)     in    Atomic Age Comic

Black and Whity the Boxers (1949)             in                        Comic Movies Flicker Books

Cinderella (1949)                                            in                        Comic Movies Flicker Books

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe (1965)  in    Jack and Jill

Chalky and the Blackboard Boy (1954)     in                         Jack and Jill

Flipper the Penguin (1954)                           in                         Jack and Jill

Issue No 1 (1922)                                             of                         Sunbeam Comic

Issue No 1 (1946)                                             of                         Merry Maker Comic

Issue No 1 (1946)                                             of                         Happy times Family Comic

Issue No 1 (1947)                                             of                          Jolly Times

Issue No 1 (1947)                                             of                          Xmas Comic

Issue No 1 (1949)                                             of                          Funstar Comic

Issue No 1 (1949)                                             of                          Funfare Comic