Walter Henry Booth

Illustrator of Children's Comics, and an Artist.

                                          WALTER HENRY BOOTH (1889-1971)



     Walter Booth c1925 


In June 2010, my 93 year old Aunty Win, sister-in-law of my late mother, passed away and I became her executrix. Amongst her possessions were two paintings dated 1966 and signed W H Booth. Aunty Win was the last of her generation so there were no other elderly relatives to talk to. She did, however, have two nephews who had vague recollections of there having been an artist connected to the family many years ago, and one of them also had a W H Booth painting. This small amount of information was enough to stimulate my curiosity. I started my research, not realising for one minute what an interesting story would unfold. It transpired that Walter was the uncle of one of Aunty Win's brothers-in-law but perhaps the most unexpected discovery of all was the fact that in the 1920s/1930s, he lived in the house that was also occupied by one of my paternal grandfather's relatives.